Coolie No. 1 Trailer To Release On 28th November 2020

Twitter Users Trolled Coolie No. 1 Trailer

Finally the trailer of Varun Dhawan much-awaited Coolie No. 1 was released by the makers and it looks like audiences were not happy with this trailer, there were high chances that viewers are going to dislike the trailer and exactly the same thing happened, the makers hide the like-dislike button on youtube from the trailer.

The real problem arises when the Twitter users start trolling the makers for making such a bad cinema, people were remembering the old Coolie No. 1 and Govinda as lead pair with this new movie and the memes were raining on Twitter, and the fun fact is that Boycott Coolie No. 1 is still trending on the Twitter while I am writing this post.

Now coming to my personal opinion, I disliked the trailer too, the acting is just crap and the movie looks like another Judwa 2, makers need to understand, audiences are much matured now and they are not going to like this content, the biggest drawback for the movie is SSR incident and the fans of SSR are still angry over Nepotism and other things and it looks like it is not going to end soon.

The movie seems like the upgraded version of Judwa 2, the same trend of the remake of songs continues and i think there are 2-3 remake of the songs in the movie, the biggest low point of the movie is the lead actor itself, Varun Dhawan looks terrible, Paresh Raval is average, Thank God they are not releasing the movie into the theatres.

The music was decent for me and I am sure that songs are going to be chartbuster and many of them would cross 500 million for sure, if you haven’t checked the trailer yet, have a look at the official trailer.

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