Kapil Sharma Coming With A Netflix Show Super Soon

Kapil Sharma Coming With A Netflix Show Super Soon: Kapil Sharma is now coming to ott platforms and this time he is back with the huge show on Netflix, Kapil Sharma a few days back tweeted, “what is English Word For Good News”, and now he is back with a teaser, let’s see how the audiences react with this show.

Sources said that show would be a comedy show starring Kapil Sharm and would mainly focus on his funny English skills, the short teaser is so funny and his comic timing is mindblowing as always, in the teaser he is struggling in uttering a word, “auspicious’.

Kapil Sharma is currently doing the Sony TV Original Programme Kapil Sharma Show and now he is coming on Netflix too, hope he would be able to make us laugh there too, although that maker hadn’t made any official announcement regarding the show or series genre, but it is expected that show would be like the Coffee with Karna or Stand Up Comedy and would consist of 8-10 episodes.

We had already seen the similar series on Amazon Prime Video by Zakir Khan and others, Now Netflix is coming with the same idea to attract more & more Indian audiences, hope the experiment would be successful, the short teaser of the show is already there on Youtube, You can have a look t it.


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